Monday, October 19, 2009

All Clean

Tot should be all clean now. We had her last Tot Wash on Friday at Greg's office.

It was a diaper and wipes shower, which was GREAT considering that after three big showers we had received exactly zero packs of diapers or wipes. I'm not kidding. It was weird. But fine, because we knew we'd be having this one and be set. Greg find it weird that every time they have one of these at his office they make them open all the gifts - even though it's pretty obvious what they are. I had some fun with it. I kept getting a bag or a package and trying to guess what was in it. "Ummm... I think this one might be... well, it kinda feels like... No, wait, it's diapers!"

When I went to put all the packs of diapers away on the top shelf of Tot's closet I had a minor diaper-lanche. Thankfully it wasn't the wipes.

Meanwhile, we've decided that she doesn't like the cold weather. Even the Braxton-Hicks contractions have stopped. I think she's decided to hibernate until Spring. I don't blame her.

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Allison said...

Having a baby in cold weather is awesome. You get to lay them on your chest while you snuggle in the recliner and they just keep you all warm and cozy.