Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mars and Venus Prepare for Baby

I don't think it's a big secret that I fell victim to the nesting urge. I was mostly focused on organizing, but at our house that involves a LOT of cleaning. Ok, so vacuuming the ceiling fans was just plain fun, but that's not my point.

I realized today that Greg has been man-nesting. What is man-nesting? Well, apparently they have their own ways of preparing for baby. In our case, that means buying electronics and gadgets and such. I didn't think that much about it when he insisted we were buying the new vac. We needed it even though I kept coming up with reasons to put it off. He didn't want Tot hanging out on our yucky carpet any more than I did, we bought a new vac. When he flat told me that if we were going to buy a new DSLR camera we needed to go ahead and do it before the baby arrived so we'd have it at the hospital I made a token arguement about waiting a while... until we found exactly the one I'd wanted on clearance at Best Buy. (Did I mention we bought a new Nikon D40? I have to be careful not to drool when I use it.) Skip ahead to this weekend. It was determined that we need a video camera. I pointed out that Tot won't actually do anything for several months, just lay there and sleep. But we have to video her coming home for the first time. Ok then. At least we found a refurb silly cheap we could order...

Man-nesting. I had no idea. I hope Tot gets here soon, before a new flat screen TV arrives.