Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I Never Thought I'd Blog About

I don't think I ever mentioned that we bought a new vacuum last week. Our old one wasn't really dead, it did a decent job, but it didn't have attachments. At all. And I really wanted some attachments. I did my research and then almost talked myself out of buying one. That's when Greg stepped in and informed me that I was going to buy one.

In truth, I think Greg understands this nesting thing better than I do. He gets many bonus points for that. Or else he was tired of listening to me whine about it. Either way, we went and bought a new vac.

No, I didn't buy a Dyson. I couldn't do it. I spent less than half the price of the Dyson I wanted and can sleep at night knowing I didn't deprive my child of her college education. I'm not that hard to please. Most importantly, it has attachments. I knew I wanted them, I just didn't realize how much I wanted them!

There are parts of my house that are cleaner right now than they have been since the day I moved in. I vacuumed baseboards and corners and crevices and vent covers of every imaginable variety. I broke out the motorized pet hair tool and went to town on the pup couch. And it works on bare floors, too. I've never had one that I could use in the kitchen/dining room. Best of all...

I have this serious phobia about mice in my house. I never had a mouse in the house until they started construction on the new library in my back yard. We've had several mouse issues since then. I hate cleaning up mouse poop more than just about anything in the world. I would rather just not use certain drawers in the kitchen than face it. But guess what vacuum attachments will do? Suck up the mouse poop without me having to get anywhere near it. Maybe I can use two of my kitchen drawers again! (After using copious amounts of bleach to finish the job...)

Over all, I probably vacuumed up three or four dogs worth of hair today. And I'm not done. I just wore myself out and started getting overheated. Every time I ran the vac and the AC cut on it blew the breaker. After the second time in different rooms I just turned off the AC. At least it's not the middle of summer!

I've worn myself out every day this week. Tomorrow I have to take it easy, it's a travel day. And I need to be rested for Saturday's Tot Wash and much quality time with the extended family!


Allison said...

Oooh! I want a new vaccuum! What kind did you get?

Susan said...

Went to the store planning to get a Kenmore Progressive but the guy at Sears talked me into a Hoover Wind Tunnel U5491900. Which is weird, since Kenmore is the Sears brand and the Hoover was cheaper... Anyway, he said it worked better for pet hair, which I have plenty of, and has a motorized attachment I can use on the couch. Plus it has a secondary HEPA, which the Kenmore did not have.

I tried them both in the store and the Kenmore is HEAVY, which is knew from reading reviews at and Amazon. The Hoover was heavy too, but it's self propelled making it waaaay easier to move around. And it was $30 cheaper at $197. But I got the bagged machine instead of the canister. Can't stand emptying the canisters, would rather spend the money on bags every now and then. The only issue I have with it at the moment is that the hose is too short, but you can buy an extension for about $30. Haven't decided on that yet.

Anyway, I've only had it a week so I can't speak to quality yet, but Greg noticed the living room carpet looked like real carpet again when he got home! We'll see how I feel about it in six months.