Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time To Move

There was a snake in my house tonight.

In my laundry room, where I walked past it three times before I noticed it. Smack in between me and the door. Yes, I screamed. Loudly. Greg thought my water broke. Oh no, that wouldn't be nearly as traumatic. I nearly hyperventilated right then and there.

Greg is my hero. He coerced it out the front door after much effort. I may not be able to walk out the front door tomorrow. If it wasn't for Greg I'd probably still be trapped in the laundry room, standing on top of the washer.

I was about to go to bed, but now I'm thinking that's pointless. Perhaps I will start searching house listings online. I can deal with most creatures, even mice which I really don't like. But I can't deal with snakes. At all. Especially not IN MY HOUSE.


tank said...

I'm glad he didn't kill it.
And I'm very glad you didn't go into labor.

Susan said...

If it happens again it may not be so lucky. I was freaked out.