Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Dunno...

The #1 most frequently asked question I'm getting these days is, "So, what do you still need..."

In all honesty, I dunno. I've never actually done this before. Other than the basics, which we have, I don't have a clue what we'll need!

I've made a list of things I think we need to have before Tot arrives, but it's mostly things other people aren't going to buy for us. Like an extra car seat base. Or a garbage can. And I'm absolutely NOT requesting people buy me breastfeeding supplies! I'll take care of that myself, thanks!

We've gotten so much stuff already, and there really isn't that much that we need in the first place. There are some things we haven't gotten at either of the two showers so far that I've found strange. Like no diapers. At all. This doesn't concern me, as Greg's office is having a diaper shower for us on the 16th. We'll be set. Just weird that nobody's given us any after two showers. And only one set of bottles. Which also doesn't concern me, as I have no clue what type of bottles Tot will be willing to take or how long it will be before I actually need them if I'm able to breastfeed. But between the stuff Lauren gave me, the "extra" stuff Jen gave me, and the first two showers, I can bring a baby home right now and be fine for a while!

On a slightly different note, I realized that while we've taken a lot of pictures of me since I got pregnant, we hadn't really taken any of me and Greg. So I had my MIL take this one at the Tot Wash this past Saturday:

Looks like I need to lay off the beer.


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i'm black betty said...

you're so cute! :) LOVE that shirt. ;)

Susan said...

Thanks, it's new... HA! =) I did get several compliments on it!