Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have an appointment with an oral surgeon to get one of my very back teeth extracted on Monday. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't remember the last time I was this nervous about having a dental procedure done. Probably because it's not really necessary right now, but the last filling was a bit too close to the nerve and it's causing a lot of sensitivity. My dentist is afraid the trauma to the nerve will kill it, causing either an abscess or infection or require a root canal. The easiest way to avoid the potential suffering from either of those three options is to go ahead and have it removed. The one above it was taken out many years ago (in college) because it had cracked, so this one is really serving no purpose anyway. No point in keeping it.

Except the thought of having it pried out of my mouth will probably keep me up half the night.

To make it better, when I filled out the preregistration forms earlier today it mentioned something about having somebody to drive you home if you're having surgery. I suppose this is considered surgery, but I'm not having the IV to knock me out, just the local anesthesia. So do I need a driver? I hope not, because if I do Greg will be entertaining Kaycie in the waiting room for a while. And she does not like waiting rooms! I have to call in the morning to clarify. Life will be much easier if I can drive myself.

And lets not talk about the things I can't eat afterwards. Like the big box of veggie chips sitting on my counter after my trip to Fresh Market today. (There's no way those things can be healthy. They're too tasty!). And I can't drink from a straw. I can only have "soft, nutritious food." Pretty sure I should have made a grocery run on Friday. Whoops. Wasn't thinking.

Sigh. My appointment is at 10:15am. Here's hoping it goes smoothly...

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Allison said...

Said a prayer for you just now. I hate the dentist. Hate having teeth removed. There's just nothing to like about it. So I'm praying.