Friday, May 20, 2011

Planting Flowers

So yesterday Kaycie and I planted some flowers. She wasn't big on getting her hands dirty (she'll grow out of that) but she's all about pouring water these days so I made her the official plant waterer. After we got the flowers planted I told her to it was time to water them, so she picked up one pot, carried it over to her table, and carefully set it down in the water. Brilliant child. Later I showed her how to use her little cup to water them, but that wasn't good enough. She needed the gallon pitcher. Which led to this:

I feel confident the flowers will die from overwatering. They were watered at least 3 times yesterday. But that's ok. We'll get some more. I also think it would be fun to plant some seeds in pots for her, since my garden is in a raised box and too high for her to see!

And yes, she's in her pajamas. I figured she'd end up soaking wet from the water table anyway, no point in getting her dressed just to have to change her clothes again!

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Allison said...

If you and Kaycie kill some flowers by overwatering then you're doing better than I am - I haven't bought the first plant (save tomatoes) this year. Just counting on some Lantana to come back.