Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update With Good News

I just want to offer a sincere thank you to all of you who took some time to pray for somebody you've never met this weekend. It's working.

Benji's is doing great. Updates from his family have been so encouraging over the past two days! They took out his breathing tube and he's able to suction himself. He's alert and seems to have better use of both eyes and can answer yes and no to questions. He was able to tell the nurse his name and tell his wife he loved her. And got them to turn the TV to ESPN, which is pretty typical! This morning's update was that he has some movement in all four limbs and was able to pull his knees up to his chest. That's fairly amazing 48 hours after a brain stem stroke, people.

If there's anything I've learned over the years it's to try not to question the "why's" and be grateful for God's willingness to answer when we pray.

Benji's wife posted two this as her FB status earlier:
Faith is the refusal to panic. I just remember Phil. 4:13
Phil 4:13 is the classic "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

If she can remember that right now, we should be able to remember it too.

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