Friday, May 13, 2011

To Do List - Updated

Today's Nap Time To Do List
(With the "Ice Cream and Cake and Cake" song stuck in my head)

1. Check Facebook and blog as a method of procrastination
2. Pack for trip to Philly this evening
3. Finish laundry when I realize half of what I need to pack is in the washer
4. Check Facebook again, just in case I need to waste another 30 minutes
5. Exercise, since I won't be home to do it tonight
6. Dink around with variety of food I've dried/am drying
7. Brown 3 more pounds of ground beef for the freezer
8. Check the mail to see if any of the books I've requested from PBS arrive today
9. Vacuum, cause my carpet is crying out in pain.
10. Check Facebook again, cause this list is too long already
11. Put away rest of the laundry
12. Straighten up the living room so Kaycie can destroy it again after naps
13. Take a picture for my 365 in case we get to Philly to late to take one there
14. Eat second lunches
15. Exercise again after second lunches

16. Dump new bag of dog food into dog food bucket
17. Spill dog food all over the kitchen floor
18. Clean up mess while the dog stands 3 feet away and eats his dog food from his bowl.

Thanks for the help, pup!

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