Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's Go Bolts!

So I mentioned in the last post that there was a teeny tiny little (HUGE) hockey game going on in Tampa while we were there. What I didn't mention was that it was basically across the street from where we were. Well, across the channel, anyway! About a 3 minute walk over the bridge from our hotel. Close enough that some of the Washington players were staying at our hotel!

My one day (hour) at the pool and these guys were hogging water! I never even got wet! I had no idea who they were, but from all the talk about having to skate in half an hour and how one guy used to play for Edmunton and what they thought about the Lightning, it was obvious. They were Caps. At least one was staying on our floor, I'd overheard him on the phone at the elevator. And yes, I took this slyly with my cell phone...

We'd tossed around the idea of getting tickets but were kind of ambivalent about it until Kristi (one of Greg's coworkers who was also attending this conference. Did I mention this was actually a work trip for Greg?) brought it up again after our trip to Bern's where they told us about the wine. Late Tuesday afternoon Greg sent me a message asking me to get online and see if I could find tickets. So I did. And they weren't terribly expensive. They were also 2 rows away from the roof of the arena.

So the three of us ditched our prior dinner plans, hopped on over to the arena and ate some sports stadium food while we waited for the game to start. And like 3 seconds later it was over and I was deaf and we'd had the best time ever! Well, maybe not ever. But in really really long time. And definitely top 5 best times. We were cheering and jumping around and screaming and clapping... Shoot, we even got free shirts just for having seats!

Tampa won the game and the place was wild. I was glad we didn't have to try navigating the parking lot! They had one more game to win to advance to the next level, so Wednesday night we got home and realized the next game was being televised on a station we didn't get. So Greg got online and ordered it! HA! We watched the game and Tampa swept the Caps to advance. If they win one more series of games they'll advance to the finals and we'll be watching to see if that $30,000 bottle of wine shows up!

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