Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A No-Win Situation

So far so good. That's all I have to say for fear of jinxing the rest of my week. We have dinner planned with my in-laws at Lee's Steakhouse Saturday night and I want to eat.

And just so we're clear, I feel confident that if I'm not sick in the next week or so, I'll be freaking out that something's wrong. Yes, I know every pregnancy is different blah blah blah, but I took a little comfort last time from the fact that every time I sick I knew that meant the baby was growing and safe. It's a no-win. I won't be happy either way until we get to the doc and I see pictures!

Today's to-do list includes cleaning out my closet and putting away the three bags of maternity clothes in my bedroom floor. Most of the clothes I had last time were borrowed and were returned to be passed on. Luckily a month or so ago a friend of mine had a baby and I told her I knew somebody who might need some if she was wanting to sell hers. She just wanted to get rid of them ASAP and dropped two bags on my carport a few weeks later. (Thanks, Danielle!) And I still have one bag of clothes that were given to me last time. All I bought myself were 2 pair of shorts. I won't need shirts for a while, but I could start wearing the shorts now. I was trying on stuff earlier and all but one or two pair of shorts appear to have... well... shrunk. In the hip area. Anybody know of any consignment stores with a decent maternity selection? I need two more pair of shorts!


Allison said...

I wasn't sick a day of my pregnancy with Mini-me. I feel like I couldn't possibly be so fortunate a second time!

I'm praying that you remain nausea-free and that you can enjoy a nice juicy steak this weekend.

That sounds WONDERFUL. I have some Ribeye's in my freezer. Think I'll dig them out tonight.

Susan said...

My mom told me today that I was having a boy this time because I wasn't getting sick. She said when I was born (second kid, after my brother) she knew I was a girl even though they didn't have the means to find out back then because the pregnancy had been totally different. Hmmm. Kinda hoping that's hogwash. I'd like another girl!