Friday, August 31, 2007

2 Hours, 31 minutes - Updated

It's Friday, so I started the day with typical Friday motivation (less than average levels)

It's a holiday weekend Friday (drop that level even lower)

It's the last day of the month (tons of end-of-month paperwork to finish and submit as well as prep for first of the month new resident rotation orientation, in addition to regular work crap)

It's already 2:00

I'm in a sugar coma

I have 2 hours and 31 minutes left in this work day.


At 2:53, after being taunted by Super Mom, I have officially made an executive decision that the rest of the pile on my desk can wait until Tuesday. That doesn't mean I can leave early, I'm waiting on Greg so we can go camera shopping at Best Buy after work, but I can darn sure waste the next hour and a half!


Super Mom said...

Nanner, nanner! :-P

I get to leave at 4:00.


Susan said...

Evil woman.

Super Mom said...

Well, I also come in at 7:30. :)

but yes, I'm evil. That's beside the point. :)

Super Mom said...

Do you have one of those Labor Day coupons from Best Buy? There's one to take an extra 10% off of digital cameras today through September 3.

I am such a coupon queen.

Susan said...

I did notice all of their cameras were on sale. I don't think they have the one I want to look at, though. They didn't online. Probably going to check Sams and some other places while we're out.