Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day. The day Edwin starts kindergarten. I almost feel sorry for his teachers. They did enroll him in a magnate program for insanely smart kids, which is good, but I still doubt they know what they're about to face. I just hope he adjusts well and enjoys it.

It's also a big day for Lauren and Ed, since they have to actually SEND him to kindergarten. It's hard enough on me and I'm not actually his parent! Mostly because they didn't fulfill their promise to give me their first born child as payment for introducing them all those years ago. But I'll let that go for the moment, since I know it'll be a hard day for them. Good luck to all three of them. I hope tomorrow is the start of a wonderful educational experience that ends up giving him the ability to channel his brilliance into something great, like curing cancer or creating a future-generation Wii. Love you, Edwin. Good luck.

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