Friday, August 24, 2007

5 Things - Joy Week

5 Fantastic Things About This Week

1. Mom Joy - Mom's doctor said she's doing great, which means the rest of us are doing great!
School Joy - Monday was Edwin's first day of kindergarten, and Parker's first day of 1st grade
3. Birthday Joy - Dalton's on Wednesday and Casper's on Thursday
4. Blizzard Joy - The Clinton DQ is open again
5. Little People Joy - I get to hang with Parker and Dalton this weekend
6. Shuttle Joy - I got to see the shuttle landing, which went off perfectly

7. Winning the Battle Joy - I defeated MS Access this week. Well, defeat may be a strong word. But I beat it into submission. Somewhat. The war isn't over yet...
8. Bonus Mortgage Joy - We made the first monster house payment on Monday, less than 12 months (we hope) until we say gooooooodbye to Chase Home Finance!

Yeah, I'm not good at 5, but I figure we need all the joy we can get to offset some of the crappier parts of the week, so the more the merrier!


Super Mom said...

To quote Ren and Stimpy (probably before your time)

Happy, Happy!
Joy, Joy!

(when is your trip to the beach?)

Susan said...

Oh, not at all before my time, more like high school/college for me (I'm 32). As a matter of fact, that could very well be where using the word "joy" for everything started. When my friends started having families it was Baby Joy. When I got engaged we had Wedding Joy...

Beach trip is the end of September. Less than one month. 29 days, to be precise.

Super Mom said...

you are going to have your mortgage paid off in 12 months????


Susan said...

God willing we will! We don't owe THAT much on it. We paid off 2 cars and a pile of credit card debt in 9 months, and figured we'd paid off almost as much as we owed on the house, so why not do it one more year and pay off the mortgage? One of the brilliant things we did when we got married was never live on my salary, we just use it (plus any extra work/ebay money) to pay debt.