Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Optimash Prime

For those who haven't seen a Mr. Potato Head since their own childhood, the whole concept has become a hysterical phenomenon. They now come in themes. Just search Ebay (the auction, not the gnome) and you'll be amazed at the selection. The Spiderman Potato Head is called a Spidey Spud. The Transformers one is Optimash Prime (for the uninitiated, the main character in Transformers is Optimus Prime). The Star Wars set is Darth Tater, Spud Trooper, and Artoo-Potatoo. There are also parts packs you can buy, with just the interchangeable wardrobes in themes from firefighter spuds to birthday spuds to assorted holiday spuds. I have a rock 'n roll set and a safari set. I even have an Easter Bunny Spud and a Space Spud with both an astronaut suit and alien parts. I'm very excited about going to Disney World in the spring so I can get a box of tater parts at the toy store there, you can fill a box with the Disney-specific parts of your choice for a flat price and they'll fit on the regular heads. It's brilliant, really. You can mix your Disney-Transformer-Alien-Rocker Spud. Is there a more versatile toy?

Here's my newest Potato Head.

My favorite quotes on the box:

"Potatoes in Disguise!"
"More than meets the fry."
"A Tater-Bot with dual identities!"
"Optimash Prime is the fearless leader of the Auto-tots, a faction of taters battling the evil Decepticons. Starchy situations call for a quick change - from truck to robot! No ordinary fries, these are potatoes in disguise!"


Stacey said...

What the heck does it turn in to? Gratin? French fries? Alternative fuel?

Susan said...

Hash browns. Oh wait, no, that's what I just had for breakfast... wait... OH NO! Tatter-Bot! What have I done???

Last night he transformed into an alien bunny, and then a vampire tot.