Thursday, September 18, 2008


Jen - DON'T READ THIS POST! Really. Don't. It's in your best interest not to read it! I'm warining you. Just go on to something else. You're not missing anything.

I've avoided saying much about our upcoming trip because my dear, dear BFF Jen was supposed to go on a trip to the same happy place in January, but with the discovery of baby Figment arriving in February those plans were out the window. I didn't want to depress her about it any more than necessary, so I've avoided the issue altogether. However, today I thought I'd show you the little happy I made for Greg last night:

It's his own personal countdown calendar. I made the Mickey shapes for each day, then used stickers and pictures that I cut out of his extra park maps to decorate each page. We leave at the end of next week, eight days until Disney! (Insert Happy-Nine-Days-Away-From-Work-And-Lots-Of-New-Tater-Parts Dance here!)


clstigger said...

I hope you have some fun for me. =(

Susan said...

I TOLD you not to read that!

mayberry said...

I can't think of two people more deserving of a FANTABULOUS time! =)