Monday, September 22, 2008

Packing - Is Disney Worth It?

Pop Quiz: How much do I hate packing?

a. More than internal audits and 5 year accreditation reviews combined.
b. More than bad drivers in Jackson.
c. More than being cold.
d. All of the above, times ten.

Sigh. It's not a secret. I love love love to travel. I hate to pack. It's bad when it's 3 or 4 days. It's bad when we're driving and have a ton of space to pack junk in the car. But we're talking nine days. In a maximum four bags. Oh goodness.

I got smart. I started early. We realized when we started planning this trip that we needed clothes. Nine days, and I only had 3 pair of shorts I'd even consider wearing in public. So we hit the stores and bought a huge pile of clothes. I washed them all, then immediately put them all on top of the suitcase, ready to go. The worst part of packing for me is deciding what to pack. Once I have that done, putting it in the suitcase is easy. Hopefully by sorting it all as I go, I can avoid the pre-packing panic that usually sets in when I have no idea what I need to take.

And here's the travel tip for the day - wrinkle releaser. I realized that several pair of my new shorts are going to have wrinkling issues in the suitcase, as well as many of the tshirts. Yesterday I scoured the Internet in search of a solution, since I'm not buying one of those commercial wrinkle releasers - Greg can't tolerate the scent and I can't tolerate the price. I also didn't want to pack any more liquids than necessary. What I found was brilliant and worked perfectly. I cut a small square off a scent-free dryer sheet, stuffed it down into a small spray bottle and filled it with water. I tried it out on a horribly wrinkled tshirt and two pair of shorts. Wow. Instant results. I've already packed a couple of dryer sheets. Hopefully I won't have to touch an iron for the entire trip!


i'm black betty said...

i HATE packing! even worse than packing...unpacking! ugh!

hope you guys have a blast!

Susan said...

I can unpack all day long. Just don't make me decide which clothes to take or expect me to remember all the other random stuff I'm supposed to take! It's not so bad when we drive places because I can pack everything I own, then stop and pick up the things I forgot along the way. Not so easy when flying and staying somewhere like Disney that doesn't have a Walmart!

i'm black betty said...

yeah, deciding on clothes is the worst. i always wind up taking the WHOLE freakin' closet!

the last time we went to disney world i packed all springy clothes. it wound up being below 60 and raining...THE WHOLE TIME!!! not to mention my spray-on tan ran down my legs, and i looked like a freak because all i had were capris and shorts!! that tinkerbell hoodie really came in handy (all $45 of it!)!!! LOL!!!

Susan said...

I know better. It's gonna rain and it's gonna get chilly. And I ain't gonna spend $45 on a sweatshirt! Hubby did that last time he went and it turned cold mid-week. We're taking that one back with us!

Supermom said...

I hate packing too. My husband has it down to the science though. Of course, you'd have to if you were a pilot for a living, heh.

I love WDW. Can't count how many times I've been. It's such an awfully good time.

And the big joke when we travel is what will I forget. It's not will I forget, but what. Such a fun travel game. *rolling eyes*