Monday, September 15, 2008

Strangeness on My TV and Other Random Stuff

I realized Saturday morning why it's so totally weird to watch the continuous hurricane coverage. Usually when a serious storm wanders into the gulf, our power is out before the real television coverage begins, therefore I've never watched a storm on TV before. I do think it's neat that we were able to get a local Houston channel's contious coverage all weekend. I wonder if they did that kind of stuff after Katrina. I don't know, by the time our power came back on nine days later the media was mostly over it.

When I started thinking about that it started freaking me out a little, so I took drastic measures to get myself out of my pending funk. I went baby shopping with Jen. That did the trick. (And a note to Wrigley - I'm still hiding somewhere in the house, really, I am, keep looking...) I started watching it again Sunday until they started talking about the gas lines and interviewing people who had been in line for a couple of hours. Had to turn it off. I sympathize with all of them, but couldn't deal with the flashbacks!

In other news, I talked to Mom last week and she said Dad's work had picked up drastically last week, kinda out of the blue, so he's keeping the shop open for a bit longer, probably on a month-by-month basis until he knows that's it's not a fluke. That's good enough news for now, since today was his "closing day."

Speaking of Dad, thanks to those of you who have make Heart Walk donations this week! I'm only $75 away from my goal!

And finally, I have a mouse. I'm very not happy about it. Apparently he likes South Beach bars and Polynesean sauce from Chick Fila. Greg suggested we borrow one of my in-law's cats for a few days, Cricket is a master mouser, but I didn't think I could put Casper through that. I put out one of the mouse boxes that's supposed to catch them but not kill them because the old fashioned traps really freak me out. Greg promised that if I put out the trap he'd empty it when the time comes. I just can't deal with mice people. I can't. I'm mostly hoping he's decided that my kitchen is a wasteland and moved back to the woods.


mayberry said...

I hate mice too, but actually, it was my mouse problem that actually lured Hubby over to my house for the first time. The rest is romantic history so I can't be too hateful about the little creatures. Besides, if you read my post from yesterday, you'll see that there are worse things to find in your house. Yeah.

clstigger said...

It took peanut butter on our mouse traps to catch the one we had around christmas and the first of the year.

Susan said...

Allison - yes, I saw that. I started to offer to put you in contact with a good realtor. I would be packing by now!

Jen - And from the stories I heard I thought it took a bazooka to get rid of that mouse! I baited the box with peanut butter on a cracker. Hoping that works. I just can't stand thinking it might still be in there somewhere. I'd come unglued if I came face to face with it!

Sandi said...

We had a mouse in our house when we first got married. Girl, it FREAKED ME OUT. Hubby, um, got rid of it after he put out a few traps.
I know that's inhumane, but I couldn't stand that thing running around my house. And we were renting at that point and couldn't have an indoor pet.

Sandi said...

Oh ... and best wishes to your dad. I hope it's not a fluke!

From the Doghouse said...

See, get mayberry to come over; what she has will take care of what you have!