Monday, September 22, 2008

Mountain Goat

I finally had enough of Houdini Pup and called out the big guns on Sunday. He may be able to resist me, treats, his leash, and Neighbor Bill, but I knew there was one thing that would have him showing us the way out. Uncle Bill. (This is why we call Neighbor Bill, well, Neighbor Bill. To keep from confusing him with my brother.) I got my big brother to stop by on his way home from Philly yesterday to help us solve the pup mystery.

Sure enough, in just a few minutes we witnessed the feat we hadn't been able to see or catch on film in a week and a half. Our little white mountain goat climbing a tree to get out of the fence, but only to go get his Unlce Bill. Granted, it was this tree, which we never did get removed after it fell in March, but seriously, it's been down since March and the crazy dog never bothered to climb it before! And I don't mean climbing up the part that broke off, I mean up the side of the tree. Mountain goat. We dropped a hundred bucks at Home Depot and had a temporary fix involving chicken wire. We'll work on a more permanant solution when we get back from vacation. Anybody know a good tree-remover?


mayberry said...

Bad! Bad PUP!

From the Doghouse said...

I want to see him do that.

Susan said...

I tried so hard to get it on video. It was the most impressive thing I think I've ever seen him do. He scaled the tree like a cat. My jaw dropped open and I started yelling, "He's a goat! We have a mountain goat!"

And for the record, he sulked on the couch all night last night. He was so mad at us!

Sandi said...

Cold busted.