Friday, March 27, 2009

Car Repair - Updated

Conversation with my brother regarding my once again dead as a doornail car:

Me: So, if this doesn't work we light it on fire?*
Bill: Yep.
Me: I'll round up some hot dogs and marshmallows.
Bill: Good thinking.

*Disclaimer: I've been threatening to light my car on fire since last weekend, however I don't really mean it. Greg pointed out last night that there had been a news story about people actually doing it, I guess to get insurance money, and I didn't want to give the impression that I would be one of those people. I am completely terrified of fire to the point where I don't even have candles in my house. If this doesn't work, Dad is bringing the trailer and hauling the stupid thing back to Philly to tear it apart.

UPDATE - We think we've solved the problem. Again. Bill took the battery to get it checked and it was bad. Guy at Napa, where it originally came from, said the manufacturing date was a year ago and the battery never should have been sold. Where, you ask, did I get it? The repair shop that worked on it last installed it. Boy am I ticked. Thankfully Napa replaced it and Bill is going to bring the new one back and install it, hopefully solving this issue once and for all.


Sandi said...

That's the worst. Is your car, by chance, a Mercury Mystique? We had similar issues with my old POS car. Never could figure out what was wrong with it.

Susan said...

Nope, Ford Taurus. But my understanding is that the two are very similar mechanically. I think we've finally got mine going, but it literally took calling in the big guns (Dad and my brother!) to get it fixed!

Michael Robin said...

Oh! So bad to hear that. Hope you'll be able to fix that as soon as possible