Sunday, March 15, 2009

Other Duties As Assigned?

The space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to lift off Sunday at approximately 6:30pm CDT for yet another trip to the ISS. If I can remember I hope to watch it on the NASA channel. Now, you all know how I'm a little freak about the space shuttle, so I know you're not surprised to hear me say that. However, from a CNN article about this trip, here's one of many reasons why I'm so very glad I'm not an astronaut:

"The shuttle also will carry a replacement for a failed unit in a system that converts urine to drinkable water, NASA said."

I can't even tell you how much I wouldn't want to be the guy that figured out it was broken.


Supermom said...

you crazy! hey... set up a lunch date with J and me. She wants to do lunch before heading back to hades. I'm game. :)
(you're the coordinator cause you have all the free time.LOL)

Susan said...

As long as free time doesn't particularly mean "awake!"

I'm on it.