Saturday, March 14, 2009


I just reached a very sad conclusion. I can remember more of my friends from high school than college. For most of my high school friends I can remember their first names but not so much their last. For people I knew in college, I can barely remember how I knew people, but not their names. I may remember that this person was in the honors college with me and we had a certain class together, or that so-and-so worked as an RA in Bolton with with me, but no clue as to names. And no, I didn't drink much during college!

This revelation is sponsored by Facebook, where I'd Friend more people from my past if I could only remember who they were.


Sandi said...

Married vs. maiden names doesn't help either

From the Doghouse said...

Yeah, women are the worst. The face looks familiar (sometimes) but the name doesn't do anything to help.

CluckyRN said...

I love this about you, Susan.

"I didn't drink much during college!