Sunday, March 22, 2009

Now What?

I haven't had my nap today, and to be honest I'm not tired now. It's 9PM! I should be comatose! Weird.

Anyway, spent the weekend with Momma-n-'em. I managed to be awake for part of the day on Saturday, including some quality time with Grandma. We were hanging out on her front porch trying to coerce her wild (literally) kitten out from under the house and lamenting the fact that the baby cows were at the fence AGAIN and I'd forgotten my camera AGAIN. In the middle of the party Grandma got all excited, went into the house, and came out with $50 which she handed to me and told me to buy something we needed for the baby. I love Grandma. And as much I didn't want to take her money, I couldn't bear to insult her by giving it back, so I put it away and thanked her. I couldn't tell her that I wasn't buying anything at this point, I'll just save it and buy something with it later. I did go ahead and buy one $5 toy while at Walmart later that afternoon, so if she asked I could tell her I had bought something.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Clinton, my car was doing it's impersonation of a rock in my driveway. It died again on Thursday. I was too irritated to call the shop to tow it back in, which turned out to be a good reaction. This morning Dad and my brother made the trip to Clinton and replaced the alternator. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this solves the problem for good.

I just spent four days watching basketball. There is no more basketball until Thursday. What do I do now? There are no games, no bracket picks, no opportunity to get ahead of Benji, with whom I am currently tied. I don't understand. Three days. What do I do?


From the Doghouse said...

Work on a baby bracket!

mayberry said...

Take a nap?

Sandi said...

Get hooked on facebook games. it's entertainment for hours.

Supermom said...

great seeing you again today.