Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's A Blob!

I ADORE my doctor. Ok, I adore her willingness to give me Zofran. My world is a much happier place at this moment. 

Greg took one look at the sonogram and declared the baby to be The Blob. Clucky is calling the baby Tater Tot. I like it. And yes, the head count stands at one.

That said, Tater Tot is scheduled to make an appearance on approximately November 1.  My brother is not pleased the possibility of encroachment on his Nov 7 birthday and told me I would have to put it off until mid-December.

Ummm, no.

So now a word of warning. Yes, I'm knocked up. Which means that on occasion I will find it necessary to discuss pregnancy related things here. For all you male-types, just be aware that it may happen and you may need to make a quick exit from time to time. I'll try to give you a TMI alert, but no promises. These incidents could include statements like, "Seriously, my boobs have grown more in the last two weeks than they have in the past 20 years!" but I'll try to avoid words like trans-vaginal sonogram if I can help it. 


tgtank said...

Yeah! Us moms/grandmoms can handle the tmi! Feel free to speak as you please. :)

mayberry said...

We want to hear every last disgusting detail. =)

clstigger said...

I like tater tot! It is to little to be a blob yet. Hope the meds are working for you.

From the Doghouse said...


And, considering I've been through this three times AND have been reading BB's and Alice's blogs, I think I'm prepared! I'll try to throw in as many male-angled snarky comments as I can!

Susan said...

The best part is when Greg starts singing the theme song from The Blob. He's a hoot.

Supermom said...

So glad the medicine is helpint!

What?! said...

ha! DH put "I've heard it all" so kindly! Congrats. Sorry about the sickness. Hope it passes soon.