Friday, February 1, 2008

At What Point...

At what point do you give up when you're the only person who cares if things get done?

For those who don't know, I have 5 supervisors. The first two are office related, the last three are education program related. We have two different, but related, fellowship programs and each has a Director, one of them has an Assistant Director.

I'm supposed to have a 6th boss on the way, along with a 3rd fellowship program, but that hasn't actually happened yet since potential Boss #6 hasn't hasn't worked on the program application since I finished my part back in November.

We have a short orientation for the residents that rotate on our service on the first of each month at 7:30am. It's time we use to go over the things required by our accrediting organization, like the curriculum, expectations and monthly lecture and conference schedule. This morning, for the THIRD month in a row, our general PD (also known as Boss #3) didn't show up for orientation.

This would be the same Boss #3 who I called earlier in the week with a major problem that I discovered pertaining to funding. His response was, "You know, I really don't care." He covered himself after that and told me he didn't know anything and to call Boss #4 (the other PD) who didn't know and emailed my former Boss #3, who doesn't work here anymore and who I miss terribly at this point. When I mentioned the problem to Boss #5 (Assistant PD to #4) he pretty much laughed and said that was our problem, his program was fully funded.

There are things we are required to do to maintain our accreditation. Things like an annual fellow retreat, monthly and semi-annual evaluations, graduate surveys, documentation of three dozen different things, and about 17 pages of other similar items. These are things I can't really do on my own, they require attention from Bosses 3-5. So far, we're behind or completely negligent in many of these areas. I can't even get them to discuss a retreat, the June semi-annuals got done in November (January's have been started yet, of course), I've been waiting since December for updated surveys, and documentation I've sent over to be filled out each week keeps magically disappearing from the conference room.

Did I mention we are supposed go through our 5 year accreditation review THIS FALL?

If you haven't noticed, I've had a rough week. I'm getting tired of fighting battles that nobody else cares to win. Now excuse me, I have to go work on selecting candidates to interview for our program for 2009. We only have 306 applicants so far, and I'm sure Boss #3 is just dying to go through them.


mayberry said...

Kinda makes you wanna just go sack groceries at Kroger doesn't it? Nothing to remember except "Don't squish the bread and don't break the eggs."

From the Doghouse said...

FIVE bosses?!?!? How are you not mental all of the time?

Susan said...

I am mental all the time.